Get Paid to Party.
Make 100s, even 1000s with this ebook.

If you are looking for a lucrative side hustle, then Make Money Planning and Hosting Cabaret Parties is the book for you.

This book explains how I've made money throwing parties with little money and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

  • How planning cabaret parties (or what they used to call rent parties) will help you make extra money.
  • How with the right planning, you'll make over 100% profit from partying with people you already like and enjoy with little to no effort.
  • How finding the right venue and vendors can maximize your profits and lessen your headache.
  • How to make this little used side hustle your main business.
I Want In! 
  • I made enough money to pay my rent and still have some left over for other bills.”

    Karen K.
    Dallas, TX

  • I always held parties when money got a little tight. However, after reading this book, I learned how not to spend a lot of money on food and entertainment and still make a lot of money than I could have ever without it.”

    Dave P.
    New Orleans, LA

  • This book showed me step-by-step how to turn this side hustle into a small business. I quit my job and make enough to supplement my husband's income and stay home with the kids.

    Keisha C.
    Washington, DC

  • I used to only buy tickets to go to my friends' cabarets. 
    Once I found how much money I could make having my own, I started having one every other month.”

    Tyrone J.
    Fredericksburg, VA

  • I needed money to pay for my tuition so I thought that I could have a party to pay for it.  Not only was it easy to plan one, I made so much money that I was able to put some aside to pay for the next semester.”

    Alison W.
    Columbus, OH

About the Author

Shanetta Oliver has been hosting parties for years for fun and learned how to turn her hobby into a business that supports her and her family.

Through this book, she shows the steps to planning a successful party, from signing venue contracts, to selling tickets and buying food, so you can avoid some of the mistakes she made in the beginning.

Shanetta Oliver currently runs her own life and business coaching business and continues to write on tops she most enjoys and has experience in.